Survivor 41: Episode 2


Episode 1 Recap

After the Green and Yellow tribe both fell apart in the challenge in Episode 1, they were both sent to Tribal Council. This is the system used to vote out a member of a tribe after they lose a challenge. After a small debate, the yellow team voted out Abraham. Which was a questionable decision considering he was smart and strong. The green tribe voted out Sara, due to her forgetting to take a puzzle piece out of the bag and making the green tribe lose the challenge and the immunity.

Episode 2: Juggling Chainsaws

The episode starts off with going over the recap of last week and cutting to all of the tribes discussing what had happened in the previous challenge and tribal council. One specific interaction that happens is when the green tribe splits off in order to go get supplies. Two green tribe members leave to go get water, and one tribe member, Brad (who is the best person in the show and is awesome), decides to break into a full sprint and runs to where the water was going to be collected. He fully sprints down the beach and headfirst dives into the bushes so he can listen to the other two tribe members talk. He hears their full conversation and gets back to the camp and tells everyone else. The other members snitch on Brad and then the trust for Brad in the green tribe is lowered. 

Cutting to the yellow tribe, yellow tribe member Xander found an idol hidden in a  tree in the forest. This idol can grant immunity if your tribe tries to vote you out. However, the idol cannot work until 3 of them have been found. This puts a target on Xander’s head and it rallies the yellow tribe more towards just taking out whoever the biggest threat is and not taking out who is the most useless.

Next up is the challenge for the episode. 3 people from each tribe have to swim across a body of water and do obstacles along the way. After all 3 have finished the 2 other members have to build a puzzle. The first 2 teams to complete the challenge are granted immunity from tribal council. The challenge started off well for all 3 tribes, before quickly;y being slowed down to a halt by the yellow tribe. They have someone named Tiffany who is very slow and completely kills the yellow tribe’s chance of winning. The yellow tribe lost the challenge and had to go to the tribal council and send someone home. 

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