Survivor 41: Episode 11


Episode 10 Recap

At the end of episode 10, Shan was voted out of the game. I’m glad she was voted out as I along with other people definitely didn’t like her. But as she was walking out she called Deshawn a snake and then left. 

Episode 11: Do or Die

This episode starts off with Deshawn being angry about the last tribal council. He thinks that it was unfair to be called out in front of everyone, referring to him being called a snake, and he thinks that he was used as a scapegoat for a plan that wasn’t even his. 

The episode shifts focus to a player that hasn’t been shown much yet in the game, Danny. Danny is one of the last 7 remaining and they take time off the episode to get to know him more. They spend this time with him talking about it being the 25th anniversary since his dad has passed. He spends this time reflecting on his life and he says that his dad’s passing has made him who he is and it has led him to Survivor in hopes of winning.

Next up is the immunity challenge for the episode. This immunity challenge was optional as there is a twist to it. If you decide to do the immunity challenge, and you are the first one eliminated, then you have to choose at tribal council 1 of 3 boxes. If your box has a skull in it, you are eliminated; and if there is a flame you get to stay and get immunity for the episode. 2 people opted out of doing the challenge as they did not want to risk the punishment, Liana and Heather. The challenge itself is that you have to balance a metal ball on a wooden pole that you are holding in your hands, and the last one standing gains immunity. Everyone else opts in for the challenge and it gets rolling right away. Deshawn almost immediately gets eliminated and will have to compete in the punishment for being the first out, it’s called “Survivor: Do or Die”. The rest of the challenge is a very close race between Ricard, Danny, and Xander. Danny ended up winning after outlasting the others for a long time and then quotes his victory to thinking about his dad.

Heading into tribal many people can be voted out. Deshawn has the possibility to go home from his do-or-die punishment, Ricard is being targeted by Danny and Liana, and Liana is being targeted by the other 4 people.

Deshawn’s Do or Die comes up and it is a nailbiter. Deshawn picks a box and sticks with it, and they slowly start revealing the other boxes. The first box opened is a skull, which means Deshawn now has a 50/50 chance of being eliminated or saved. Now the host gives Deshawn a chance to change to the other box, which he declines. It was a good decision, as Deshawn picked the right box and now has immunity for the episode.

So, at the end of the episode, the two people that are up for elimination are Ricard and Liana, with the votes stacked against Liana. The vote comes out, and with no surprise to me, Liana is sent home.

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