Survivor 41: Episode 9 & 10


Episode 8 Recap

Once it came down to tribal the person eliminated was Tiffany. She should have been voted out in the first episode but she lucked out and somehow got this far in the game. I am more than happy to watch Tiffany go and I’m glad that everyone finally voted her out.

Episode 9: Who’s Who in the Zoo

The episode mainly started off by splitting everyone off into two groups. This is where it is revealed that there will be 2 people eliminated today. In the first group are Deshawn, Xander, Evvie, Liana, and Danny. This immunity challenge is to balance on a post and hold a beam behind your head; whoever lasts the longest on the beam wins immunity for themselves. Out of the first group, Xander and Deshawn both lasted long on the post but Xander ended up winning the immunity out of the group. The second group consisted of Erika, Shan, Ricard, Heather, and Naseer and Erika won this immunity challenge with no challenge. The two people with immunity are Erika and Xander and the rest are up for elimination.

Both groups devise plans to vote out who they want. Naseer is targeted in his group and Heather is targeted in her group. Both groups have plans to blindside the person they are voting out and to not have them be able to tell so Naseer doesn’t use his idol. The blue team tricks Naseer into making him think they are voting someone else and the same with Heather.

Once they got to tribal Naseer was voted out very easily but with Heather being voted out there was some turmoil. Deshawn didn’t want to vote Heather out and he switched his vote and ended up voting out Evvie. Xander could have used his idol to save Evvie as they knew that she might get voted out, but instead, Evvie was the second person to go home in this episode.

Episode 10: Baby With a Machine Gun

This episode started off with all of the remaining tribal members competing in a reward challenge. The winner of the challenge would get to pick 3 other people and be able to go eat pizza by a campfire and then be able to sleep in a bungalow for the night. Ricard won the challenge and decided to choose Shan, Xander, and Heather to enjoy the reward with him. The whole time that they are away from the others Ricard is talking about how he and Shan are eventually going to have to turn on each other and that they cannot be allies forever.

While away, Deshawn and Danny came up with a plan to vote out Ricard that night at tribal. They made the mistake of telling Liana though, and since she is a snitch she told Shan. Shan being the snake she then told Ricard that he was the one who was going to be voted out. Ricard took this information and instead of going against Danny or Deshawn, he decides that he is going to have to vote out his biggest threat in the game.

Ricard realized that he was the #1 person to be voted out, however, he also knows that no one else really likes Shan so he devises a plan to blindside Shan at tribal to make himself safe.

Heading into tribal council Shan has no idea that she is even on the chopping block, but as the names get called she starts to look more and more worried. The votes get tied between Shan and Liana at the end, and Shan ends up getting voted out. All I can say is that karma really catches up with anyone because Shan has been asking for it since day 1.

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