Survivor 41: Episode 7


Episode 6 Recap

At the end of episode 6, Erka was left on an island. She could either break the hourglass and give herself and 5 others immunity or she could not break it and stay in danger of being voted out.

Episode 7: There’s Gonna be Blood

Well…. Erika shows back up on the island. After some drawn-out exposition and storytelling, they get to the final decision; Erika broke the hourglass which reversed the team challenge from the last episode. Now the people who were at risk are safe and now the people that are safe now have to compete in a new challenge. I think this is insane and I think it ruins the game, but I don’t make the decisions so we can move on.

So now the people who have to compete for immunity are Sydney, Danny, Deshawn, Evvie, Ricard, and Naseer. This new challenge is the same as it’s always been; an obstacle course that eventually leads into a nail-biter. This challenge starts with you using your feet to release a stack of blocks and then you have to build a small castle, still with your feet, out of the blocks. Once all of the blocks are placed you have to still use your feet and place a flag in the center of the castle. This challenge was a nail-biter as it went down to just a few seconds between the winner and 2nd and 3rd place. The winner of this challenge was Ricard, which won him immunity and it was a relief since at first, he had immunity then lost it with the hourglass decision.

This tribal council was going to be different. There were 6 people up for elimination but most people seemed to be in a common agreement to vote out Evvie. The twist was that another member of the yellow tribe, Xander, had an immunity idol, which would make it to where Evvie wasn’t voted out. Now… this would be negated by someone else who had an advantage that would be able to take away the idol from Evvie, but they could only ask once and if they didn’t have it then the advantage wouldn’t work. The person who had this advantage was Liana.

When they got to tribal, Liana asked Xander if he had the idol on him. Xander faked out everyone at tribal and had a fake the whole time. So now… Evvie couldn’t be voted out during tribal. Everyone jumped up from their spots now that their plan wouldn’t work anymore and they all started scheming as to who would be voted out next.

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