A Review: To Kill A Mockingbird


St.Louis, Missouri is known for its wondrous sightseeing and beautiful buildings. Among those architecturally sound masterpieces is the ‘Fabulous’ Fox Theatre. Though the decor of the theater was decided in the 1920s, it still lives up to expectations. Despite the amazing designs and gorgeous actors, my first experience with the Fox Theatre was mediocre. However, this wasn’t because of the building itself, but rather the play. To Kill A Mockingbird reimagined by Aaron Sorkin (originally written by Harper Lee) was not the 5-star raving performance I had believed it would be. The performer for Scout Finch (Baize Buzan) was just as annoying as she was boring. The childlike, southern accent she was trying to portray made the showing unenjoyable as we dreaded her speaking parts. While the acting itself was okay enough for me to enjoy, the fake “child-like wonder” was irritating to listen to. Besides Scout, there also was some bad writing when creating Dill, portrayed by Noah Robbins, character. He was immature, but this was to be expected. However, the writer included immature jokes that were not funny but rather ‘silly.’ While this might work in a children’s play, it threw off the vibe of the storyline. On the other hand, I really liked that they made Dill seem wiser by having him drop random bits of advice throughout the show. I also appreciated the addition of characters to the courtroom as I think it helped move the story along and emphasize Tom’s innocence. Overall, the play was boring and the prices were expensive, but I still loved the experience and hope to go back next February to see the ABBA musical Mamma Mia.