Red Bud Scrapes Up a Win


The first half of the game on November 23 vs Steeleville was a rough one. The game was far too close for the Musketeer’s liking. In the first quarter, Red Bud managed to put up eleven points. Hannah Sievers had six with a couple of two-pointers and going two for two from the free-throw line. Lyla Hess had the other five with two two-pointers of her own and she went one for two from the free-throw line. Steeleville, however,  pushed through the Musketeer defense and scored seven points. As both teams went back to the benches, the score was 11 to 7 with the Musketeers barely ahead. 

The second quarter was even worse for the Lady Musketeers. They were only able to add six points to their score while allowing the Lady Warriors to put up another seven. Madison Pensoneau and Sam Kolweier each scored two points of their own to make up four of the team’s points. Sievers had the other two with a lay-up. Red Bud went into the locker room at halftime angry with themselves as they were up three in a 17 to 14 game. 

Red Bud cleaned up their defense and attacked much more aggressively on offense in the third. They held Steeleville to zero points and added thirteen to their score. Madison Falkenhain had one point from a made free throw and Hess scored two with a jump shot. Sievers claimed the other ten points of the quarter with four two-pointers and made two of her four free-throw attempts. The ladies had much more energy coming back to the bench after this quarter with the score now a comfortable 30 to 14. 

The energy did not stay as high in the fourth quarter but was still better than the first half. Red Bud held Steeleville to five points while inching a little further ahead with eight. Addi Dilley scored four of these from two-pointers while Alexis Koester and Aubrey Piel each had two points from lay-ups. Though not completely happy with the score, Red Bud walked away with a nineteen-point lead in a 38 to 19 game. Red Bud’s record is now 4 to 1 walking into a difficult week of games.