Musketeers Travel to Althoff to Bring Home a Loss on the Road

On Thursday, February 25, the Lady Musketeers travelled to Althoff to face off against Bruce Bromine’s team.  Bromine was RBHS’s assistant coach and JV coach two years ago with coaches Jacob Kueker, Tara Hubert, and Tiffany Henry.  All of the former coaches were in attendance for the game, coached by Eli Rogers and assisted by Malone Wall and Tiffany Henry.

Although the Musketeers came out with a strong first quarter, it was the strongest quarter of all and was not enough to pull ahead of the Crusaders.  Kassidy Ellner had a 2-pointer, along with Chloe Wild who put up a 2-pointer and went 0 for 1 at the line.  Olivia Carle led the quarter with two 3-pointers and a 2 pointer to finish the quarter 12-11 and in the lead.

The second quarter, however, did not go so well.  Althoff turned on the heat, scoring 18 points in the second quarter to take the lead.  Red Bud did, of course, battle and Addi Dilley scored 7 points on her own, putting up a 3-pointer and two 2-pointers.  Carle added a 2-pointer to the board as well to end the quarter down 21-29.

Red Bud attempted to come back alive during the third quarter, but still came up short scoring 11 points to Althoff’s 12.  Dilley hit the boards again, contributing three 2-pointers to the scoreboard.  Sam Kolweier put up a 2-pointer and Carle hit another 3-pointer for her third in the game.  The final score at the end of the quarter had Red Bud down 32-41.

Though the game was not over and the Musketeers kept battling, it was not enough to defeat the 14 points Althoff put on the board during the fourth quarter.  Dilley shot, and made another 3-pointer, Merideth Whelan went 2 for 4 at the line, Kolweier put up a basket, and Carle went 2 for 4 at the line.  High RBHS scorers for the game were Addi Dilley with 16 points and Olivia Carle with 15 points.  The final score was 41-55 with Althoff taking the win for the night.