Freshmen Volleyball

Grace Wallace, Staff Writer

Last weekend was very big for Red Bud High School’s freshman volleyball team. The girls started their weekend off Saturday, October 12 with a tournament at Bellville West. The first two games started off pretty rough. The ladies lost to Bellville West and also to Mascoutah. Although the first two games were very problematic, the last game on Saturday afternoon was the most exciting overall. Red Bud won the first set. Then, they lost the second due to a tip called out, but Red Bud wasn’t giving up there. The girls came out and battled harder than they ever had before. The bench, court, and crowd all roared with excitement as the Freshman team beat Althoff.

After the thrilling game Saturday afternoon the girls competed in the Conference Tournament at Wesclin Senior High School on Monday morning. They started off playing Columbia. The first set Rud Bud lost 14-21. In the second set, the girls came out strong and made many comebacks. They powered through and won 22-20. Our freshman team was not ready to go home quite yet. They came out very athletic and energized for the third set. Finally, after an extremely heated competition, they beat Columbia 16-14!

Since Red Bud won this crazy game against Columbia, they then advanced to a second game against Freeburg. Our girls competed very forcefully for both games. But sadly, they lost 11-21 and 21-13. After the game, the girls huddled and discussed that there needed to be more communication on and off the court for better results next time. The coaches and teammates are all very proud of how Freshman competed this past weekend. 

Make sure you come out and support some of the Freshman, JV, and Varsity games before our exhilarating season is over.