FFA Members Attend 2019 National Convention and Expo


Molly Ellner, FFA Staff Writer

On November 1, 2019, eleven students from Red Bud High School attended the fourth general session of the 2019 National Convention and Expo. The students were Jeff Kern, Vance Schmidt, Sarah Bircher, Austin Umbdenstock, Chase Strong, Molly Ellner, Kailyn Moeller, Madison Falkenhein, Kayden Heinemann, Jake Siegfred, and Austin Grohmann. For the first time in history, the opening sessions were recited in Spanish, led by an FFA member from Puerto Rico. This was super cool to be a part of. Also during the fourth general session, National FFA Secretary Layni LeBlanc from Louisiana gave her retiring address. She talked about how much of a pleasure it has been to have served National FFA while she had the chance. National FFA Southern Region Vice President Jordan Stowe also gave a speech about life.