See It Solve It Share It


Olivia Schluter, Staff Writer

On our second day at National Convention, we attended different types of sessions. The session we all attended was See it Solve it Share it. During this session, we started out by walking around the room and having people sign our papers from other states that related to the service activity they participated in. We sat in groups of 10 per round table and they made sure no one was from the same state. This helped us get out of our comfort zones and meet new people. We did multiple activities such as puzzles that were not all equal to show how everyone starts from a different point or may not have all the resources to bring to the table. We also played a game that was like headbands, except it was all about service projects, community problems, and how they affect the community. One of the last activities we did was the hand, we had to point out the problem, think of three ways to fix it, and then predict how it will end. Overall the workshop helped us meet new people and learn many new ways to see it solve it and share it. 


Madison Falkenhain, 2021-22 Red Bud FFA Chapter Secretary 

Matte Easton, 2021-22 Red Bud FFA Chapter Sentinel 

Abbi Esker, 2021-22 Red Bud FFA Chapter Greenhouse Manager 

Mason Cowell, 2021 Red Bud FFA Convention Attendee