Opening Session 1A


Olivia Schluter, Staff Writer

At the opening session, we were all excited to be back together and better than ever. The speakers discussed how to promote unity in our community. Tom Billsak explained that we (the FFA members) are the future of agriculture. He also explained that we need to have the work ethic and leave an impact on the lives that we are around. Bruce Kettler, director of ISDA, shared a story about how he had regained touch with someone that he had met 38 years after the national convention he attended. The opening session was a great way to remind the members why we are here, what joins us together, and that we are the future of agriculture. 

Tom Billsak was very inspirational and did a great job of reminding the FFA of what a big impact we have on the future of agriculture. The opening session was inspiring because I think we all forgot how big FFA is. Looking around the room was incredible to see so many people in blue. 

Madison Falkenhain, 2021-22 Red Bud FFA Chapter Secretary 

Molly Ellner, 2021-22 Red Bud FFA Chapter President

Jason Guebert, 2021 Red Bud FFA Convention Attendee