Survivor 41: Episode 3


Payton Cowell, Staff Writer

Episode 2 Recap

After the yellow tribe lost another challenge they were sent to tribal council in order to vote off another member. Now… I previously talked about a yellow tribe member named Tiffany. She is slow and has made the yellow tribe lose 2 weeks in a row. NOW. SOMEONE TELL ME WHY WOULD THE YELLOW TRIBE NOT VOTE HER OUT! Yellow tribe voted out Voce for this week. Their reason was “girl power”, so take that how you will.

Episode 3: My Million Dollar Mistake

This episode starts off with Brad from the green tribe. Brad has found multiple advantages for the game and it makes him a very powerful ally or enemy for the rest of the green tribe. Some members of the yellow tribe regret voting out Voce and think that they should have made different decisions. Nothing really happens in the blue tribe as they have won 2 weeks in a row and aren’t really having any problems at all.

For this week the challenge is basically another obstacle course for immunity. For another week, the two first teams to finish get immunity and the last team has to vote someone off the island. All 3 teams were pretty close to each other going into the last leg of the challenge. The challenge was to throw sandbags on small platforms that are on a tall pole. Both the yellow and blue teams find a groove and start hitting the sandbags. JD on the green team sets the team back a lot and it leads to the green team losing the challenge.

Going into the tribal council there are 2 candidates who should be voted out. Brad has a lot of power with his 3 advantages and he is the main target of a few others. The other person is JD as he messed up in the immunity challenge and was caught lying to other green tribe members that were his allies.

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