Jake Siegfried Illinois State Degree

Jake Siegfried Illinois State Degree

Olivia Schluter, Staff Writer

Jake’s SAE is over grain production. This has run in the family for many years and is very important to him and his relatives. He hopes to help carry on the family tradition of being grain farmers for a very long time. It is very important to do good in his SAE because it is his everyday job and will most likely be what he does for the rest of his life. He also wants to do good so he can win awards like these ones and have more accomplishments.

His favorite part of his SAE and what he does is combining. To him, it is the most enjoyable part. When it comes to combining season, Jake keeps very busy every day working on his farm and getting everything done as quickly and efficiently as he can. 

Jake went to state for his degree because he won at the district level. He said he put a lot of effort and hard work into receiving this award. He also mentioned that he took a lot of time perfecting his record book. He received this award on June 4th in Carbondale at their 112th annual convention. This year we had to have it in Southern Illinois because of covid and its guidelines.

Jake said that CDEs are his favorite part of FFA. He likes to do all the different ones so he can learn and experience lots of different things. However, his favorite one is the Ag Mechanics CDE. He said doing the construction CDE taught him many things and that it was a great learning experience. He also mentioned that it was a fun experience doing something other than farming.