2021 FFA Officer Training


Olivia Schluter, Staff Writer

The officer team joined together at the school on July 11, early in the morning. We had a guest, Lane Harvy, come and talk to us about many different things. He started by telling us all about his past and life in FFA. Some of us had questions about things that go on in the FFA industry and he answered all of our questions. He also had us do a human knot in many different ways so we could practice working as a team. 

The first time we attempted the human knot, it took us a long time to figure out. Whenever we tried it the second time we planned it out more and successfully figured it out in a good amount of time. The third time we timed ourselves to see how quickly we could get untangled and we ended up in two separate circles. Finally, the fourth time we did it, we planned well and quickly finished. 

After we worked together as a team to untangle our human knot, we came back to the classroom and talked some more. We talked about what we just did and how once we worked together and planned, we were more successful.