Lady Musketeers Defeat the Yellow Jackets in Conference Play

On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, the New Athens Yellow Jackets traveled to Red Bud to continue the rivalry.  The first quarter began a little slow on both sides where the Musketeers only scored 10 and the Yellow Jackets 4.  The ladies were able to keep the lead thanks to two 2-point baskets by Kassidy Ellner, two 2-point baskets by Olivia Carle, and one 2-point basket by Merideth Whelan.  

During the second quarter, the Yellow Jackets picked up their pace a bit, scoring 7 points for a total of 11 at the end of the half.  Even though they picked up their pace, it was not enough to catch up with the Lady Musketeers as they scored 11 points themselves during the quarter.  During this quarter, Hannah Sievers contributed two 2-point baskets, Carle scored another two 2-pointers, Whelan picked up another 2 pointer, and Chloe Wild went 1 for 2 at the line.  The Ladies were able to end the half with a comfortable lead of 21-11.

In the third quarter, both teams came out of the locker rooms determined to make a difference.  The Yellow Jackets were able to put up another 7 points in the third quarter with Stewart making the majority of points with another 6 this quarter.  Red Bud, on the other hand, came out of the gate to put up 12 points in the third.  Wild scored a 2-pointer, Carle had two 2-pointers and went 2 for 4 at the line, and Madison Pensoneau put her name on the board with two 2-pointers.  At the end of the third, Red Bud was up 33-18.

The fourth quarter was the best one yet for the Musketeers, steadily adding points each quarter for a total of 17 points at the end of the eight minutes.  Ellner put up a 2-pointer; Sam Kolweier put up a 2-pointer, her first of the game; Carle put up three 2-pointers; and Sievers put up three 2-pointers and went 1 for 1 at the line.  High scorers for the game was Olivia Carle with 20 points.  The Lady Musketeers defeated the Yellow Jackets 50-33 in Conference play.