Lady Musketeers Struggle in the Home Opener

On February 9th, the Lady Musketeers were finally able to kick off their basketball season, which was delayed due to Covid-19, with a tough match against the Waterloo Bulldogs.  Unfortunately, the ladies ended up losing their home-opener 25-50.  In the first quarter, Red Bud started off extremely slow with a mere four points consisting of a lay-up from Hannah Sievers and a free throw from Merideth Whelan and Olivia Carle each going one for two from the line. Their defense started even slower though as the Bulldogs pushed the court for a total of twenty-two points at the end of the quarter. 

The second quarter was a much better representation of Musketeer basketball as the ladies outscored Waterloo. The ladies pulled ten points but were able to hold Waterloo to only another seven. Carle had four of those points, consisting of two-point field goals. The remaining six points were made up completely of free throws. Sievers had four and Chloe Wild had the other two — all successful attempts. At halftime, the ladies walked into the locker room with Waterloo having a substantial lead of fifteen.  

Running into the third quarter, Red Bud scoring slowed down significantly again. Waterloo held them to four points while scoring another fifteen of their own to put the score 18-44. Wild hit a two-pointer and Kassidy Ellner drained another field goal. Waterloo ended the third quarter with a twenty-six-point padding for the fourth. 

The Musketeer defense stepped up again in the fourth, holding Waterloo to six points. However, Red Bud was only able to put up another seven points on the board and was not able to cut down the lead. Ellner and Sievers each had two of these points from field goals. Wild had the other three with a lay-up and going one for two from the free-throw line. The game ended with Waterloo winning 25-50 and the Lady Musketeers taking a loss for the home opener.