FFA College & Career Fair @ National Convention

Austin Grohmann, FFA Staff Writer

The College and Career Fair at the 2019 FFA National Convention had a lot to offer to say the least. The people at the booths were easy to talk to and nice. The thing that was nice is that there were many different ways to be competitive there also. For instance, there was a bags tournament in which the prize was $1000 if your name were to get pulled. It was a marketing tool and made that individual booth more attractive than others. For people who like to dance, there was also a booth that had a dance floor. But besides all of the marketing tools, there were also different colleges that we could go up and talk to and see what they were all about. It was mostly the ones that had ag programs, but it was a good opportunity for us. There were companies like Cat, John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Kubota, Ford, and Dodge just a name some major brands that were there. There are also many colleges like SIUC and many more agricultural colleges. Some unions were there as well like United ironworkers, and National Welding Society just to name some. There were also quite a few giveaways as well.¬† There was also a booth there that had artificial AI for cattle as well as a simulated Cow to practice shots and drawing blood and feel its pulse. There were a lot more interesting things to do there–there was a lot to learn and see at the college and career fair. Just about anything and everything that a person be interested in learning about in the ag field was there.¬†

I did go to see the NJSA/NSR booth and talk to a member from the Junior Board of Directors about joining the board in the future. I learned a lot more about the organization and what it has to offer.


Austin Grohmann, 2019-2020 Treasurer, Vance Schmidt, 2019-2020 Sentinel, Chase Strong, Convention Attendee