FFA Attends Session 2 @ National Convention

Molly Ellner and Kailyn Moeller

On October 31, 2019, eleven students from Red Bud High School attended the second general session of the 2019 National Convention and Expo. The students were Jeff Kern, Vance Schmidt, Sarah Bircher, Austin Umbdenstock, Chase Strong, Molly Ellner, Kailyn Moeller, Madison Falkenhein, Kayden Heinemann, Jake Siegfried, and Austin Grohmann. This session was the shortest session throughout the entire convention and expo, lasting only bout an hour. Within the hour, first, the opening ceremonies were given by the 2018-19 National FFA Officer Team. Next Adrian Schunk, the National FFA Eastern Region Vice President, was welcomed onto the stage to give a speech about life. After her speech, the National FFA Boards Recognition was given. Following that, Shea Booster, the National FFA Western Region Vice President, gave his retiring address as an officer saying what he all learned throughout the year and how much fun he had and how humbled he was to serve as a National FFA Officer. After that, they had an honorary awards recognition and the closing ceremonies to follow. 


      Molly Ellner, 2019-2020 Parliamentarian

      Kailyn Moeller, 2019-2020 Convention Attendee