FFA Goes To The Federal Bank

Adrienne Vallett, Staff Writer

FFA joined Mrs. Simpson’s business to go the Federal bank on October 10, 2019 in St.Louis. The bank was highly guarded and we all had fun walking through the metal detector.  Once we got past security, we walked down hallways with beautifully designed ceilings with a chandelier as a centerpiece. We watched videos on our economy, found out what jobs are mostly suited for our mindset, and learned how to buy and sell products in the form of a competition game. After we looked around for a while, we were called into a room where we played a game that resembled how having a higher education makes its easier to get a job. Once we were taught how these things worked, we went back out and continued playing games and reading. It was easier to play the games after we understood the economy and pricing. 


Submitted by Adrienne Vallett, 2019-2020 Student Advisor