FFA Learns From Temple Grandin


Adrienne Vallett, Staff Writer

During the Expo we got to learn from Temple Grandin. She is one of the most respected scientists of our time. We went to SIUC on  October 3, 2019 . We learned how she saw from the cattle perspective and changed the systems to meet their needs and for us to have a better and more effective industries with more meat production. She then told us how equine, and bovine see on the left and right side of their body and a sheep’s body language. According to Ms. Grandin, to understand the animals in a pen you must spend time with them and let them get used to you so you can stand from their perspective. Instead of running away from you, they will accept you and you will become part of them. Temple Grandin talked to all of us for an hour and allowed us to ask her questions. Overall, it was a great experience and I encourage many people to try and find her next expo because I gained a substantial amount of knowledge.


Submitted by Adrienne Vallett, 2019-2020 Student Advisor

Award winning author and activist Temple Grandin speaks at SIU on developing talent