Greenhand/COLT Conference


Austin Umbdenstock, Staff Writer

On Wednesday September 11, 2019, Red Bud FFA’s Greenhands and some of the officer team attended the Greenhand/COLT Conference at SIU at Carbondale,IL. The officers were split up from the Greenhands. The officers participated in two hour long sessions. In the first session the officers were given a balloon and a sharpie and they had to write their priorities on the balloon. Then the officers stood in four squares on the floor and they had to keep their  “priorities afloat”. If their priorities hit the floor they were popped. After that they were divided into small groups and they had to answer twenty questions about SIU. The first team to get the most correct received some SIU swag. Then the officers were moved into they hallway, and they were divided into four groups. They had to arrange themselves in different orders correctly but they couldn’t talk or mouth anything. They also couldn’t leave the row of colored squares they were standing on. After that they went into a classroom and learned about the different pillars of the FFA. Then the officers had ten minutes to make the tallest tower they could only using five balloons, two plastic spoons, two foot of tape, and some bendy straws.

The Greenhands had four sessions. The Greenhands had to make a house out of marshmallows and toothpicks while blindfolded during their first session. In their second session they had to direct each other while blindfolded and they had to hit a certain person with a pool noodle. In their third session the Greenhands had to look at a lego structure, then run back to their team and build as much of the structure as they could. In the fourth session the Greenhands had to make a skit about agriculture and someone had to try to guess what their skit was about.