First Man

Nolan Cowell, Staff Writer

Recently, my brothers and I spent an evening at Waterloo Cinema, where we watched the newly released film, First Man. In this film, the story of the Space Race is told, mainly from the point of view of Neil Armstrong, who is played by Ryan Gosling. This film was not made for those prone to sensitive moments, as it showcased the harsh reality of the several deaths experienced during attempts to reach the moon. Also, those who experience motion sickness may not care for this movie, for I personally noticed many rapid camera movements, which at points gave me headaches. The movie was slow at points, but my brother Payton and I did enjoy the history aspect of it. I feel like this film accurately portrayed the lives, struggles, and fears of astronauts during this era of American History. In conclusion, I would rate this film a 6/10. If you have a few hours to spare, this film would not be a waste of your time.