Review: Who Killed Captain Alex?


Reece Candler, Student Writer

Who Killed Captain Alex? Is an incredible movie up there with the Citizen Kane and Casablanca. Made on only $200 budget, the film is still marvelous. The first Ugandan action film ever is made is groundbreaking. The movie is about Captain Alex, the most elite soldier in the Ugandan military, hunting Richard and the Tiger Mafia, a powerful crime organization. The film takes a turn when Captain Alex is killed. The film then revolves around the hunt to find who killed Captain Alex. The military fights the Tiger Mafia while doing this, resulting in countless explosions, killings, and firefights. I think this film is great. The action is breathtaking, the special effects are astonishing, the action is amazing, and the dialogue Shakespearean. This film is great. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good film.