Conference Loss for Red Bud

Hannah Sievers, Staff Writer

Yet again, Red Bud lost their conference game against Chester in a game scheduled to be played Thursday, February 3rd, but moved ahead to Tuesday, February 1st due to incoming weather. They have yet to win against a conference team in an actual conference game. They beat Chester twice in tournaments but lost both games in conference play. This game started fairly close in the first quarter. Red Bud scored nine points. Chloe Wild had four, and Hannah Sievers had two, all from two-pointers. The other three points were scored by Sam Kolweier when she knocked down a three-pointer. Chester, however, scored ten points, putting them slightly ahead at the end of the first.

The second quarter was not as good, but still not terrible. The Musketeers added six points to their side of the scoreboard. Sievers scored two from a field goal. Lyla Hess contributed the other four with a two-pointer and made both of her free throws. Chester put up nine points to make the score 15-19 at halftime with Chester up. 

As the third quarter came and went, Red Bud, put up another eight points. Hess scored half of these points from two-point field goals. Addi Dilley and Wild split the other points with a two-pointer each. Unfortunately, Chester was able to score twelve points on the Musketeers’ defenses, extending their lead to 23-31.

The fourth quarter was a hard-fought one, but not enough. Red Bud added fifteen points to their score. Dilley had nine points from sinking three threes. Sievers, Hess, and Wild all had two points from field goals. While Red Bud’s offense had picked up, their defense slowed down more. Chester also scored fifteen points to win. Red Bud lost the game with a final score of 38-46, ending their chances to beat Chester in conference play.