Musketeers Silence Tigers’ Roar


 On Monday, November 22, the Red Bud Musketeers went on the road to Dupo for their first regular-season game. Dupo had been on a winning streak as they took first in their home tournament the week before. Red Bud’s main objective was to improve their playing and shut down Dupo’s top scorer, Octavia Heidelberg. They took that challenge with full force. The first quarter being a pretty tight one, Red Bud put up twelve points and only held Dupo to eleven. The Musketeers’ twelve points were contributed by three people. Hannah Sievers knocked down a three on a fast break opportunity; Addi Dilley hit a three to start their points and then made a lay-up as well, and Lyla Hess had four points both from two-pointers. 

      Walking into the second quarter, Red Bud knew they needed to pick it up on defense, and boy did they deliver. While holding Dupo to one point, the Lady Musketeers added another thirteen to their side of the scoreboard. All thirteen were put up by Dilley and Sievers. Dilley, being consistent, knocked down another three and another two-pointer. Sievers put up eight off of lay-up opportunities that can be greatly attributed to the other post-Chloe Wild, who was her assist man for the night. The ladies went into the locker room at halftime with the Musketeers up 25 to 12. 

       Coming out for the second half, Red Bud’s defense stayed relentless with another quarter of allowing just a single point. Scoring slowed up a bit as they added seven for a more comfortable lead. Sievers had five of those points within the first two minutes, hitting another three-pointer and making another lay-up. Hess had the other two from a two-point shot. Going into the fourth, Red Bud had a nineteen-point lead against the Tigers with a score of 32 to 13. 

       A few more points were put up on the Dupo side of the scoreboard in the fourth as they scored nine. Red Bud, however, fought through and added thirteen of their own. Dilley had four by sinking her third three-pointer of the night and making one of two free throws she shot for the technical foul called against Dupo. Alexis Koester and Madison Falkenhein each dropped a two-pointer. The final five points were from Hess as she hit two two-pointers and went one for four from the free-throw line. The final score was with Red Bud on top 45 to 22, making their record 3-1.