Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ms. Polacek but Were Afraid to Ask


Ms. Polacek is our new English teacher! She just got out of college recently and this is her first teaching job. She loves her job, but she did not start college with teaching in her future! I interviewed her and asked some questions, and got some pretty interesting and cool info! 

The coolest place Ms. Polacek has ever been to is Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s been twice, and seemed to love it both times! While she was there, she saw the Hoover Dam and David Copperfield. If she could live anywhere in the world, she would want to live in a cabin in the mountains with her family. “I am very close with my family, so I would have to live somewhere close to them!” Ms. Polacek is from Waterloo and has lived there her whole life.

Some of her favorite memories were made during her first two years of college, which she spent at SWIC. She played softball while she was there, and loved it! She finished college at SIUE and graduated in May 2021. She has always known she wanted to be a teacher, but it is not what she started college doing! She started off following in her mom’s footsteps, learning to become a nurse. She realized she wanted to be a teacher while she was taking nursing courses. 

Ms. Polacek’s favorite person and pastime is her nephew Nolan! She likes playing coed softball, traveling, and going to concerts! She went to see a Harry Styles concert and had fun. She also loves sports. She goes to Cardinals and Blues games as often as she can, and when she can’t she watches them on tv. She also enjoys watching football with her family. Ms. Polacek’s favorite books are by John Grisham. He writes suspenseful books that she really likes to read. She loves any movies with Will Ferrell in them. 

I hope you learned a lot about one of my favorite teachers! I had a lot of fun writing about her and coming up with interesting questions to ask her. Thanks, Ms. Polacek for taking the time to answer my questions and telling us a bit about yourself!