2021 Veteran’s Day Presentation

Erin Legendre


Katharine Bishop, Staff Writer

Red Bud High School has hosted a Veterans Day assembly for several years. Due to Covid-19 last year, we were unable to continue the tradition, but luckily this year we are back at it again.

The assembly begins with Principal Alan Guehne welcoming everyone in attendance to RBHS. After he is done, the Presentation of the Colors is presented by 4 members of the Red Bud VFW. Once they have finished mounting the flags, everyone in the auditorium stands for the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Isaac Miller and Easton Lucht. Once everyone has sat down, senior Logan Johnson begins the National Anthem. Following the beautiful performance of the National Anthem, RBES Kindergarten students are led by some of their amazing teachers in the song “You’re A Grand Old Flag.” After the kindergarteners, the Junior High Chorus takes on the Armed Forces Medley, directed by Mrs. Lindsey Gallaher. During this medley, veterans were instructed to stand when their song was being sung. Great job to everyone who participated!

Next, two speakers stepped up to the podium, the first being Mr. David Friess. David Friess served for the Air force and is now a State Representative of Illinois. In this touching speech, Friess introduces the names of 13 members killed as the result of an enemy attack while supporting non-combatant evacuation operations. Eleven Marines, one Navy corpsman, and one soldier were lost. May each and every one of those men and women rest in peace.

The second speaker is Mr. Barry Wittler. His speech is about his life and the time he served in the National Guard. Between his high school and college career, there were many important turning points in his life. One highlight would be just three weeks after coming back from basic training, September 11th occurred. His adult years have held many greatnesses also, such as becoming assistant principal for RBES. Throughout his time, he has had ups, downs, and made many great friends along the way. Thank you to both of these men for serving our country.

 The Voice of Democracy winners are announced next. Congratulations to our first-place winner, Ryker Papenberg, second-place winner, Kayla Netemeyer, and third-place winner Anna Wolter! Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest!

Following is an 11 minute Veterans Day Video Presentation. Big thanks to Mrs. Legendre and everyone who submitted videos and pictures of members who have served.

To end the assembly, Superintendent Mr. Jonathan Tallman closes out with a final thank you to all veterans and everyone who attended and participated in this event. Finally, Bailey Fulton performed the 24 somber and mournful notes of Taps, traditionally played at funerals to honor those who have served and those who we have lost. We hope everyone takes a moment to remember the reason for the school holiday and extends a thank you to a Veteran!