PFC Grohmann Comes Home


Last week, Austin Grohmann came home from Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego.  While the average new private would most likely want to get as much rest as possible out of their short-time home, Austin decided to give back to his community.  Austin came to the high school for a question/presentation of what the Marine Corps is like.  His insight inspired and enlightened all who attended.  Not only did he come with extensive knowledge, but with material to show the day-to-day life in Bootcamp and a platoon photo.  

I couldn’t help but notice Austin had the PFC(Private First Class) insignia on his arm and of course, I asked how this was possible(PFC’s rank E-2 while most graduate boot camp as a Private E-1 with no insignia).  Knowing the type of person Austin has always been, his answer could not have been any more fitting.  Austin was appointed as a squad leader, giving direction and guidance to his platoon members throughout his 12 weeks in basic.  The title of squad leader was not to be taken lightly, as holders would have to rise an hour earlier than the rest to coordinate with drill sergeants and were to be held accountable for any mishaps within the squad.  As always, Austin rose to the occasion and received his promotion for his performance; a reminder of his determination and hard work ethic.

Austin ships out to Camp Pendleton today for SOI(School of Infantry) and we could not be more proud.