Lady Musketeers Battle Fiercely vs. Gibault Hawks

Hannah Sievers, Staff Writer

On Monday, March 1, the Lady Musketeers traveled to Waterloo to take on the Gibault Hawks.  Both teams battled throughout the game, stepping up to take the game into overtime.  Red Bud came out of the gate struggling a bit with Gibault’s defense and the shots put up by Gibault Senior Madi Davis.  Fighting back though, and fouling quite a bit, the Lady Musketeers were able to put up 10 points to Gibault’s 15 in the first quarter.  Addi Dilley, Chloe Wild, Meredith Whelan, and Olivia Carle all put up a 2-pointer each and Whelan went 2 for 2 at the line.  Gibault kept the ladies on their toes and fouled very little during the first half, going into the second quarter with a lead of 5 points.

Unfortunately, the Lady Musketeers did not come out strong enough in the second quarter and only scored 6 points.  Wild contributed to that total with a 2-pointer and Hannah Sievers went 2 for 2 at the line and scored a 2-pointer as well.  Gibault, on the other hand, scored 10 points in the second quarter with Davis and Small (a freshman) each scoring.  Davis and Small would prove to be the two shooters that the Musketeers would need to shut down in order to come out on top.  At the end of the half, the score was 16-25 with Gibault in the lead.

After the half, the Lady Musketeers came out with renewed energy and fight!  Fighting turn-overs and steals on both sides of the court, the Hawks and Musketeers struggled for control of the board throughout the entire second half, leading to OT.   In the third, Dilley shot and made a 3-pointer, Carle went 4 for 4 at the line, and Sievers contributed three 2-point baskets to bring the score up to 29.  Davis, Blaskiewiez, Bernal, and Small all contributed to the score for the Hawks with 13 points for the quarter.  At the end of the quarter, the score was 29-38 with Gibault still in the lead.

The fourth quarter, however, was an entirely different ballgame.  The Lady Musketeers were able to score 13 points and limit the Hawks to only 4 points and only two scorers on the Hawks’ side.  Carle and Whelan both tied this quarter with 4 points each.  Carle had two 2-pointers and Whelan had a 3-pointer and went 1 for 2 at the line on a technical by Gibault.  Wild put up a 2-pointer and went 1 for 1 at the line and Sam Kolweier put up a 2-pointer.  The final score at the end of the fourth was 42-42, which put the game into OT.

Overtime began with the Hawks having possession of the ball and stalling to run down the clock as much as possible.  In order to get possession, the Lady Musketeers had to foul, and foul they did.  Davis alone went 6 for 6 at the foul line during OT, along with a 2-pointer by Small, bringing the Hawks final score to 49.  Although the Musketeers worked hard, they were not able to take control and beat the stall and dribbling by Davis and Small.  Addi Dilley did put up a 3-pointer, but it was not enough to overtake the Hawks.  The final score was 45-49 with Gibault taking the win for the night.  Although it may have gone down in the books as a loss, this game was definitely a game that was played well.  Top RBHS scorers for the game include Sievers and Carle with 10 points each.  Top Gibault scorers for the game include M. Davis with 19 points and K. Small with 13 points.  

Upcoming games for the week include Senior Night, Tuesday, March 2 JV/Varsity @ home vs. Valmeyer; JV/Varsity vs Columbia @ Columbia on Thursday, March 4; and JV/V @ home vs. Marissa on Saturday, March 6.