Lady Musketeers Open the Season 2-2 with the Sparta Tournament

Hannah Sievers, Staff Writer

The week (11/18/19-11/23/19) was quite a busy week for the Lady Musketeers.  On Monday the 18th, Red Bud went up against the Trico Pioneers in the Sparta Tournament. Trico had possession to start the game off and the Musketeers were on the defensive end. 

Throughout the first quarter, fifteen points were scored by RBHS. Claire Grohmann and Meredith Whelan scored four points each from two-point shots. Chloe Wild and Sami Lucht made a two-pointer each and Olivia Carle sank a shot from behind the three-point arc. The score was 15-10 by the end of the quarter, with the Musketeers on top.

A decent start can quickly go downhill, and it did. The Musketeers went zero for four from the free-throw line and did not score any points. Trico took advantage of this and added another twelve points to the score.  The score as the girls went into the locker room at halftime was 15-22. 

Fighting back in the third quarter, Red Bud scored eighteen. Claire Grohmann sank another four shots to have eight of the eighteen points. Amber Stengal scored four points with a two-pointer and two out of four free throws. Lucht also knocked down another four points with a couple of two-pointers. Hannah Sievers hit a two-pointer and missed her two free throws. Trico scored fourteen during the quarter, which brought the score to 33-36 in Trico’s favor. 

The girls continued to fight in the final quarter. Twelve points were scored with Lucht scoring eleven of them.  She went three for four at the free throw line and scored eight points in two-pointers. Whelan scored the remaining point when she shot one for two free throws. Unfortunately, it was not enough and Trico scored another thirteen points to win the game 45-49.


 On Wednesday the 20th, Red Bud faced off against Chester.  Throughout the first quarter, the Lady Musketeers scored nine points. Amber Stengal made a three-pointer and Olivia Carle scored a two-point shot. Sami Lucht knocked down four points–a couple of two-point shots of her own. We did not go to the free line in that quarter and Chester scored fifteen points. 

In the second quarter, the tides took a bit of a turn. The Musketeers scored fifteen points. Claire Grohmann finished the quarter with five points by two-pointers and going one for three at the free throw line. Hannah Sievers put in another four from a two-pointer and two free throws. Olivia Carle also scored five points with a three-pointer and making two for four from the line. The other point of the quarter was scored by Megan Stellhorn when she made one for two of her free throws. The team shot six for thirteen on their free throws that quarter. Chester scored nine points and the score was tied going into halftime. 

The third quarter point total was similar to the second quarter’s. Four girls scored the team’s sixteen points. Grohmann put in another four points from two-pointers. Stengal made a two-pointer and a three-pointer for a total of five. Meredith Whelan scored three points with a two-pointer and going one for two from the free throw line. Sievers scored four with a couple of two-pointers. Chester scored another fourteen to make the score thirty-eight to forty in Red Bud’s favor at the end of the quarter. 

The fourth was a low scoring one for the girls. Grohann went one for two from the line and Whelan made a two-pointer. The other four points in the quarter were scored by Sievers. She made a two-pointer and went two for four from the free throw line. Chester fought hard in the fourth quarter and scored sixteen points to bring the final score to Chester with fifty-four and Red Bud with forty-seven. 


On Saturday the 23rd, the Red Bud Lady Musketeers played two games. The first was against Steeleville. The girls came out strong with thirteen points. Claire Grohmann and Chloe Wild each scored a two-pointer, Amber Stengal made three of her four free throws, and Olivia Carle score six points with three different two-pointers. Steeleville scored five points that quarter.

In the second quarter, another eleven points were added by the Musketeers. Grohmann, Wild, and Madison Pensoneau score a two-pointer each. Jessica Bievenue and Meredith Whelan both went one for two at the free throw line and Reese Foster made a three-pointer. The ladies’ defense held Steeleville to only three points that quarter, making the score twenty-four to eight walking into halftime. 

The Lady Musketeer defense lacked a little in the third, letting Steeleville score nine points, but they fought back by getting another sixteen points. Grohmann, Wild, and Carle each dropped four points by hitting a couple two-pointers each. Hannah Sievers made a two-pointer and went one for two at the free-throw line. Whelan also went one for two at the line, adding to the score. The score before heading into the final quarter was forty to seventeen in Red Bud’s favor. 

The Musketeer defense picked up again in the fourth holding the Warriors to four points while adding fourteen to their score. Wild and Roz Surman each made a two-pointer. Foster scored five points with a two-pointer and a three-pointer. Pensoneau made one of her two free throws and Megan Stellhorn added four points with a couple of two-pointers. The final score was Musketeers fifty-four to Steeleville twenty-one, earning the Musketeers their first win of the season.


The second game on Saturday was against Sparta and we knew going in that it was going to be a fight. Red Bud scored twelve points throughout the first quarter. Claire Grohmann made a couple of two-point shots to have four points and Hannah Sievers made both of her free throws. Amber Stengal, Meredith Whelan, and Olivia Carle each scored a two-pointer. Sparta also scored twelve during the quarter, causing the game to be tied at the end of the quarter. 

The Musketeers added another twelve points to the score in the second. Grohmann scored a two-pointer and went one for two from the free throw line. Kassidy Ellner also made one of her two free throws. Stengal scored five points with a couple two-pointers and one free throw. Carle scored another two-point shot and Chloe Wild made one of her two free throws. Going into halftime, Red Bud was up twenty-four to twenty-one. 

After halftime, defense for both teams went downhill and each team scored twenty-one points. Grohmann picked up her game and made four two-point shots, along with three free throws. Whelan put in two free throws. Carle added another three points with a two-point shot and going one for three at the line. Sami Lucht also added three points with a three-pointer and Sievers put in a two-point shot. The score was forty-five to forty-two (Red Bud) going into the final quarter. 

In the fourth quarter, Red Bud scored another nineteen points. Whelan made all four of her free throws and Ellner and Stengal each made one of their two. Carle made both of her free throws, as did Lucht. Lucht also hit a two-pointer. Grohmann added another six points from two-pointers. Sievers made two of her four free throws. Our defense held Sparta to fourteen points, allowing Red Bud to take the win sixty-four to fifty-six.