FFA Attends “Just Dance” Session

On November 1st  three students, Austin Umbdenstock, Molly Ellner, and Madison Falkenhain attended the “Just Dance Dilemma Solver” break out session at the 2019 National Convention and Expo. In the “Just Dance” break out session, the students learned that in difficult situations, sometimes you just need to dance to relax a little bit. We talked in the groups we were sitting in to tell each other what we did within our chapters to promote being in FFA and to get our chapters to come together. Once we discussed within our groups, we were to walk around and find somebody that we did not know and share our ideas with one another. 

One thing that Red Bud does that other chapters had not heard of that both promotes being in FFA and bringing our chapters together was FFA day.  They thought it was a cool, unique, and fun way to bring the community together. We also did dances, like the Cotton Eyed Joe dance, the Ghostbusters dance, and multiple other dances to bring the whole room together and to have some fun so we all weren’t just sitting around our tables the whole time. We also did an activity called “Name That Tune”. There were three contestants and they all started at the back of the room and when a song was played, they had to race to the front of the room and give someone a high five and then name the tune that was playing. The first person to do that, won. 

The last thing that we did was that each group made a commercial. The commercial had to be at least 30 seconds long and it had to promote being in FFA and say reasons why it is such a great group to be a part of. All in all, it was a very interactive and fun break out session.


Written by Molly Ellner, 2019-2020 Parliamentarian

Austin Umbdenstock, 2019-2020 Chaplain

Madison Falkenhain, Convention Attendee