FFA Attends Old Dominion Concert at Convention


Kailyn Moeller, FFA Staff Writer

On Wednesday October 30, 2019, the Red Bud FFA Chapter that included 11 kids attended the Old Dominion and Brandon Lay concert at the 92nd National FFA Convention. Brandon Lay put on an amazing performance, which only made the night get better from there. When Old Dominion came on, the crowd went crazy. Molly and I knew pretty much every word to each song and sang our hearts out. The boys just kind of chilled in the seats behind us until “One Man Band” came on. Before one of the songs, one of the band members waved at one of the guys in our group and we all waved back. During the acoustic performance, the band talked about how they grew as a band and how they got to the point they are at now. 

The band stated that no matter what, you should never give up on your dreams, no matter how long and how hard of a fight it might take. The walk to and from the stadium was very cold and we all walked extremely fast to get back to the vans and all throughout the concert the girls took lots of videos and pictures of the band and of themselves singing. Old Dominion and Brandon Lay put on an amazing performance and being able to see them with so many FFA members was an extremely cool experience and something truly amazing to see.


Submitted by Kailyn Moeller, Convention Attendee