Math Team for the Win!

Brittney Pensoneau, Student Editor

Way to go Math Team! after many weeks of hard work they were able to bring home quite a few metals and plaques for the school. There were a total of 12 awards given out to the members.

We had Addison Liefer in 5th place for Algebra 1 written competition. For Geometry’s written team (Dylan Roscow, Ethan Fritsche, Brendan Harms, Nolan Cowell, LeAnn Walker, Jena Bievenue) ended up getting first place as a whole and had Ethan Fritsche in 3rd place, and Dylan Roscow in 1st place. Algebra 2 written team (Josh Birke, Jason Pfannebecker, Landon Hohgrefe, Caitlin Dehne, Sami Lucht, Zach Sutton) also got first place. They had Jason Pfannebecker in 3rd and Landon Hohgrefe got 1st.

Our 2 person teams did fantastic as well. The Freshmen/Sophomore Team of Dylan Roscow and Ethan Fritsche won 1st place. The Junior/Senior 2 Person Team of Jason Pfannebecker and Josh Birke won 3rd place.

The Freshmen and Sophomore 8 person team received the first place as well. the team was made of Dylan Roscow, Jena Bievenue, Nolan Cowell, Brendan Harms, Easton Lucht, Hannah Sievers, and Warren Stolte.

The Calculator Team of Alex Sievers, Brittney Pensoneau, Landon Hohgrefe, Ethan Fritsche, and Addison Liefer also won the first place.

Last, but not least Alex Sievers and Caitlin Dehne received the first place award for Oral Competition. Every person who participated contributed to the teams’ 1st place spot. We all hope for continued success as we head to state in May.

A full list of Math Team Members is Addison Liefer, Alexander Sievers, Allison Woosley, Alyssa Heller, Brendan Harms, Caitlin Dehne, Dylan Roscow, Easton Lucht, Ethan Fritsche, Hannah Sievers, Jason Pfannebecker, Jena Bievenue, Josh Birke, Katelyn Koester, Landon Hohgrefe, Leann Walker, Nolan Cowell, Samantha Lucht, Sarah Nieweglowski, Warren Mudd, Warren Stolte, and Zachary Sutton.