President Trump Comes to Southern Illinois

Nolan Cowell, Staff Writer

On Saturday, October 27th, Donald Trump hosted a rally at Murphysboro Airport to help Illinois Congressman Mike Bost gain popularity for re-election in this years mid-term. Just as any politically intrigued teen would do, I decided to attend this rally alongside my father, Jeff Cowell, and my younger brother, Payton Cowell. We all fastened our red “Make America Great Again” hats atop our heads and embarked on the hour long drive to Murphysboro. As we got closer to the airport, you could tell there was a special feeling in the air. People were ecstatic to see the President. As anyone would expect, the area surrounding the airport was swarming with police.  We parked a car and walked nearly three quarters of a mile to the end of the atrociously long line to get into the area where Trump would be speaking. To my pleasure and surprise, the line only lasted 2 and a half hours, where I would have expected it to last 4 hour based on its length. When we reached security, it seemed very limited based on the fact that the President would be there. However, I did not complain and we quickly rushed into the area to check everything out. We encountered many workers passing out different posters and political Trump signs for free, so I took 1… or 6. We were not early enough to get into the hangar where Trump would be speaking, so we were in an outside area with a large projector which had a live feed of the inside. Congressman Bost gave a great speech from inside the hangar, but later came to our outside area, where I got the privilege of shaking his hand. When Air Force 1 landed, everyone was on the tips of their toes trying to get a glimpse of Trump. The President first walked to the front of our outside area and gave about a 10 minute speech to us outside. A few minutes later, he began speaking inside. The atmosphere around the whole event was incredibly electric with Republicans and Trump fans from all over. The president gave many great points on why voting Democrats into office this midterm would be ineffective for the country and government. We left early to beat the rush, but I do hope I can attend another incredible event like this, even if it isn’t with Donald Trump.