Science Club Goes to Six Flags

Brittney Pensoneau, Staff Writer

Six Flags is definitely a field trip any student would want to go on, and the Science Club took full advantage of the Science and Math field day that was held there. Mr. Magee’s club members have worked very hard for the trip. The club has manmed a stretch of road on State Route 3 for several years now. There have been 7 clean up days during this semester where students picked up litter–even little towns like Red Bud can get quite a bit of trash on the sides of the roads. Aside from that there has also been hours after school put in to clean the courtyard. The club is also in charge of the school’s recycling. The club is always working to keep the town clean and litter free as well as our hallways, and even our earth in and of itself. Take the extra moment to throw that water bottle in the recycling or keep that food wrapper in your car until you can dispose of it properly. The science club works hard for our environment and wants members who work hard for it too.