Semester Exam Tips

Brittney Pensoneau, Staff Writer

Exams are coming!  No matter how much we wish they weren’t, they are approaching–and fast. The first hour exam will be held Friday, May 11th. Here are some tips to get you ready by then!

  •  Start early. Begin looking over the material soon, if you haven’t already. Cramming the night before will exhaust you and you won’t be able to memorize as much as you’d like.
  • Try to divide your problem sections into more manageable pieces.  Taking a glance at it and take into account what you’ll need to go over. Take a break for a bit. Either work on something else or take an actual break from working. When you come back to it, you can make progress towards understanding the parts you have noted. If you start to feel overwhelmed, take another break–it’s not going anywhere.
  • Highlighting your notes can help you know what will be most important, but also underline or star information that helps with understanding the section. Reading the whole section repeatedly could help you remember, but the memory of the highlights and underlines could help keep it longer.
  • The last tip is to find what is really the best for you. Many people study in many different ways. Try something new. Read it out loud, record yourself reading it and play it back, or try to put the information to rhymes or images. Anything goes if it makes you happier with your grade in the end.