Trask Making Headlines

Brittney Pensoneau, Staff Writer

Cora Trask has always been impressing her peers and teachers with her amazing artistic ability and has been in the art classes for all four of her high school years. Late in her freshman year, Mrs.Bandy introduced her class to the art style of Pointillism. Pointillism is using small dots of ink to create a larger picture, and Cara has mastered it in the past three years.

When asked about the first piece she ever made, she mentioned feeling nervous about how the simple sphere would turn out. When it was finished, she had found her medium of choice. Cora said that she, “liked how the abstract dots could come together as a beautiful picture when it was finished.” She also said that she was majorly self motivated, but her mother and Mrs.Bandy are great supporters as well. A majority of her older work includes depictions of animals, but since the beginning of her senior year she had leaned more toward still-life objects. So her muse had mainly been realism based, but she also has made some abstract zen inspired pictures.

She spends about 20 hours a week constructing her magnificent works. Her most recent project is a German Shepherd, on which she has already spend 20 hours. When asked about her favorite piece she’s created, she explained that it was a recent piece depicting a deer buck which she completed on a thin log slice. Cora now has more than 40 pieces in her portfolio and much of her work has copies available for sale.

         Contact her for more info on facebook at Cora’s Pen Art or at [email protected]