School Safety on Students’ Minds

Brittney Pensoneau, Staff Writer

With the recent school shooting in Florida, many teachers and students are on edge. Mrs. Bandy assigned all of her classes to create a political cartoon or think up an innovative idea to prevent shootings. After spending much of a class period talking on the subject and thinking of ideas, many students were very inspired. Other teachers have taken to going over protocal with their classes.  Extra precautions and backup plans are a hot topic.
Discussions about gun control and the recent declaration by President Trump also erupt in the classrooms. Many students do believe arming their teachers would help to protect them, but many teachers disagree. Some teachers are not confident in their ability or willingness to shoot at a human, regardless of whether there is a threat to their lives or not. Some are very adamant about school remaining a gun free zone. For now though, we just need to be cautious and ready for all possible scenarios.