Math Team

Brittney Pensoneau, Staff Writer

The Math Team competed in Regionals on Saturday, February 24th. The team had been practicing for several weeks to get ready for the competition. The members are Adrienne Vallett, Alexander Sievers, Alyssa Heller, Benjamin Derousse, Brendan Harms, Caitlin Dehne, Dylan Roscow, Emily Riechmann, Ethan Fritsche, Jason Pfannebecker, Jessica Bievenue, Josh Birke, Landon Hohgrefe, Leann Walker, Owen Fahey, and Zachary Sutton. The Algebra I and Geometry Teams will both be going to state in May.

For Alg I, Ethan F. received a first; Dylan R. and Brendan H. both received 4ths. In Geometry, Josh B. won first and Jason P. won third. Landon H. earned 5th place. For the Freshman – Sophomore 8 person team and received 3rd and the Freshman – Sophomore 2 person received a 2nd. Great job and good luck at State.

Christa Brundage