Thanksgiving Day History

Grace Wallace, Staff Writer

Since Halloween is over, it is officially time for Thanksgiving. This year’s Thanksgiving will occur November 28. The time of year when you give before you receive. 

Thanksgiving originated as the harvest festival, after the pilgrims first harvest in 1621. In 1620 a small ship called the Mayflower left Plymouth, England with 102 passengers aboards. About a month later they crossed Massachusetts Bay, where the pilgrims started a small village at Plymouth. In November 1621, the pilgrims first corn harvest was successful. Governor William Bradford invited their Native American allies to a celebration fest. Since the pilgrims didn’t have any ovens and or sugar, their fest did not consist of pies, cakes, or desserts like our do in 2019. The Pilgrims actually served lobster, seal, and swans at their harvest festival. This is now known as the first Thanksgiving. 

This year to make sure your Thanksgiving is very rewarding, take time to give thanks. Set down your phone and bond with your family members and friends. Be thankful for the food that is put in front of you and the table you’re sitting at with the roof over your head, because many aren’t fortunate enough to have that. 

Take some time out of your life to give to the less fortunate. Participate in a food drive, take warm blankets to a human service center, or take a pie to your local nursing home. Everything makes a difference and makes their holidays better. 

Have an amazing Thanksgiving and don’t forget to give back.