Musketeer Market Opens


Just before going on holiday break, something wonderful to help students in need was started by a group of teachers at Red Bud High School.

High School Media Supervisor/Instructional Technology Teacher Erin Legendre noted that the project, called the Musketeer Market, came together really quickly. Its goal was simple – to help students that are going home hungry.  While there are food pantries in the area that would gladly help these students out, many don’t carry many name brand products or items that teenagers really want. And students could go to the office to seek assistance, but that wasn’t always discrete.  A group of teachers began having conversations about the matter and within a week, they had received considerable support from Red Bud Industries and the teachers were dropping off food and personal care items for the market.  Items donated range from cereal and shelf stable milk, to macaroni and cheese bowls, to feminine care products and bath sets.

The market was set up in a storage room in the school’s library. This is a more discrete location for students to use as they could use a pass to stop in the library and would be able
to put the items they pick up in their bags.

Legendre noted that two students, Jack Drennan and Skylar Hill, have also taken up the job of helping stock and organize the market’s shelves.  The market has an open door
policy. While teachers have reached out to those they know are in need, any student needing assistance is welcome to stop in.

The grand opening for the Musketeer Market was set for Dec. 20, prior to Christmas break.  Legendre noted that they would be sending students in need home with plenty of goodies for the break.  She added that in the future, they are going to work on creating meal plans for the students so that they can just grab a bag that will have all the necessary items for that meal in it.

If anyone in the community is interested in donating to the Musketeer Market, Legendre noted that they can email [email protected] or drop items off at the school

Pictured are Linda Bingham, Erin Legendre, Jack Drennan, Skylar Hill, Sara Steppig, Jill Nobbe, & Kristin Bass.