Homecoming Week

Brittney Pensoneau, Student Editor

Homecoming has come and gone, but now we can look at the whole week as a whole. With the massive amount of creative costumes, the fantastic parade, and a powderpuff to remember. The Juniors may have won, but the other classes have certainly given their best effort. Each class tried as hard as possible in every assembly and lunchtime game.

For Monday’s assembly, the classes had scooter races with the Juniors winning. The band even played for the first day’s kick-off assembly. The day was pretty eventful for a school filled with bundled-up teenagers. That day was Pajama day so all the classes had a huge turnout. I think showing up to school in their pajamas was a win for anyone participating, but each member of each class was counted and the percentage was added to their score. At the end of the day, the Seniors won the hallway decorations. Of course, toilet paper is such a classy decor piece it would be a surprise if they didn’t win. Second place went to the Juniors, then it was the Freshmen. The Sophomores lost, but with it being the very beginning of the week they had plenty of time to work their way back up. 

We had to get a little more creative by the time Tuesday came rolling around. The school theme for this week was Dancing Through The Decades and it certainly showed through that day. We were all rocking some interesting outfits. The freshmen had the 50s, so they had plenty of poodle skirts and greaser jackets to be seen. The sophomores had the 60’s. It was very fun to see everyone’s hippie headbands and bell bottoms. The Juniors had the 70’s. So many bright colors and flashy clothes with them. Seniors had the 80’s. What a fun decade, all the great hair and fun accessories. The assembly game for Tuesday was Minute To Win It, with the Sophomores winning the game.

Wednesday came and went with quite a stir! Class color day is always intense. Practically everyone was dressed up and quite a few had face paint or creative ways to show off their colors. The colors are the same as always with the Seniors as white. The Juniors got red and the sophomores had blue. The Freshmen have green. The gym was trashed with all of the decorations the students put up. We had Tug of War for the assembly. Students seem to always end up on the floor cheering right up close to the players, but the festivities didn’t end when the Seniors won the game. The Homecoming Parade was later that evening and the students who had worked on the floats were excited to see how they would do fair compared to the other class’s floats. We had the football and cheer floats with all of the fire trucks and police cars, but the main attraction to the parade (aside from candy, of course) is the class floats and they were spectacular this year. The freshmen had a tiny drive-in theater with listing the movies The Winning Ham and Skin The Cat. The sophomores had a Beetle’s concert. The Juniors had a hippie van decorated with flowers. In the end, it was decided that the Junior’s float was the best. The Sophomores followed, with seniors as second to last. The last place ended up being freshmen, but they all looked fantastic in the parade. After the parade, a large portion of the student body went to the first set of powder puff games. The Juniors won the first game against the freshmen and the Seniors won the second against the Sophomores. The Sophomores then won their match against the Freshmen for third place after a total of 4 overtimes! After the games, the bonfire that is the usual tradition was lit and the classes celebrated their wins or mourning the losses. 

By the time Thursday came most of the students were too distracted by the fun music based costumes or games to worry about the night previous. Most students wore band t-shirts or merchandise, but there were quite a few people in really interesting and intricate costumes like grunge, or pop stars! That day held the Dodgeball tournament. Every student gets hyped up for this game and this year is no exception. The Freshmen actually won against the Seniors in the last exciting round! Their first and only win for the week.

The final day of the 2018 Homecoming Week ended as it always does, with the whole school decked out in as much maroon and white as humanly possible! The game for this day was an intense one with the Seniors versing off against the Juniors during the powderpuff game. After a whole day of school with everyone on the edge of their seat, the game ended with the Juniors winning! So ended ranks for the powderpuff were Juniors- First, Seniors- Second, Sophomores- third, and the Freshmen- last. With the powderpuff is over the final score counts are put in as well. The rankings by the score are almost the exact same as the rankings fro powderpuff, except the Freshmen are in second and the Sophomores ended up with last place. Freshmen were actually the ones to win the Spirit award! Since the Juniors won they get the privilege of going to lunch 5 minutes early for the following week. After the game, school is over for the week and everyone went home to get ready for the homecoming dance that came the next night.

Homecoming was fantastic! With a huge turn-out with lots of couples having a great time. The Homecoming court included Nicole Allen, Seth Bass, Ellysa Brown, Nicole Chastain, Jack Drennen, Joe Gettle, Austin Millier, and Baylee Montroy. Nicole Allen and Jack Drennen won homecoming king and queen! Blake Durbin and Jett Kennedy, last years’ king and queen, passed their crowns to the two lucky winners. After another few hours of dancing, the dance had to end and with it the excitement of the previous week. As everyone gets home tired from the dance brings us out of the hyperactive aura and back to the regular school, but all the underclassmen can keep at least the last bit of excitement for the next year’s festivities to start up again.