Ag Literacy Toolbox Breakout Session


Olivia Schluter, Staff Writer

We attended a breakout session called Your Ag Literacy Toolbox. We were shown different resources and ways to implement agriculture into grade schools and youth in the community. 

One of the ways we were taught was creating books for younger children to show them more about agriculture in a way that they could understand. He also talked to us about getting technology more involved within our chapter. One thing that Red Bud FFA does that not many schools in the session said they did was FFA Day with the animals and farm equipment. I felt like that was cool and unique to us.

Jake Siegfred, 2021-22 Red Bud FFA Vice President

Molly Ellner, 2021-22 Red Bud FFA President

Austin Umbdenstock, 2021-22 Red Bud FFA Treasurer/Chaplin

Kole Guebert, 2021 Red Bud FFA Convention Attendee