Conners Prairie


Olivia Schluter, Staff Writer

To start the convention, we first went to Connors Prairie and were able to learn more about the history of agriculture. There were multiple houses and “huts” similar to the ones that agriculturists stayed in over 200 years ago during the Civil War. We were able to sit in their school rooms, huts, and see just how small their houses were. A few of us were also able to take a balloon voyage and rise up 350 feet in the air. We were able to see the countryside of Indiana, as well as downtown Indianapolis and miles further. It was exciting to see the difference between our lives now, and the lives of those from 200 years ago and to see how much the world and agriculture have changed throughout the years. 

Madison Falkenhain, 2021-22 Red Bud FFA Chapter Secretary 

Olivia Schlueter, 2021-22 Red Bud FFA Chapter Reporter

Jake Siegfried, 2021-22 Red Bud FFA Chapter Vice President

Matteson Easton, 2021-22 Red  Bud FFA Chapter Sentinel