2021 Glocoming


Baylee Frisch, Staff Writer

When autumn rolls around, the students of RBHS get hyped for going to the Homecoming dance by spending the week dressing up and spreading school spirit. They get together as a class and decorate their designated hallways with their own colors. 

This year was no exception, the Seniors showed up and showed out by decorating their hallway with a black-light white. LED lights, papers taped on lockers, a balloon photo wall, and decadent stars along the walls are what is seen outside the cafeteria in the Senior hallway. Spending seven hours decorating means they won first place… right? 

First place surprisingly went to the Freshman this year, they had decked out the upstairs and outside the office in vibrant green. Little paper decorations and ribbons covered their ceilings. While they did have some good decor, many of the senior students found it to be unfair that they put more effort into their hallway and only got second place. 

The Juniors had their red hallway decorated with scarlet hues and matching lights to accompany them. With the smallest hallway in the school, the Junior hallway is no doubt the hardest to decorate. They did a great job with what they were working with, but without the potential for more, they only secured third place.

The sophomore hallway was covered in blue but had a lot of messy elements. With many incorrect spelling errors on their posters and lackluster wall decorations, they ended up with last place.

While the spirit weekdays were a bit different than other years, they were in no way boring. Celebrity day was full of different types of athletes, singers, actors, and even characters from shows. Generations day proved to be well-liked. With the seniors as grandparents, juniors with babies strapped to them, sophomores with overalls and pigtails, and the freshman in their onesies everyone overall really enjoyed seeing the outfits. Party/disco day showed off afros, glitter, and 70s type attire. With the final day being class color day, the points will be tallied and the winning class of homecoming week will be announced.

No matter which class is crowned winner, everyone will surely have an adequate time at the dance Saturday night. Happy Gloco!