Musketeers Host Boys Basketball Regionals 


Gina Phegley

Jayden Birkner, Staff Writer

Red Bud hosted their first boys basketball regionals in their school’s history. The teams participating in the regional were Red Bud, Nashville, Columbia, Wesclin, Belleville Althoff, and Freeburg.

The first game of the regional took place last Monday and it was between the Wesclin Warriors and the Columbia Eagles. Both teams battled throughout the first half and the game remained close with a halftime score of 20-16. Wesclin pulled away in the third quarter and led by 10 by the end of it. They maintained that lead throughout the rest of the game and won 54-44. Wesclin’s top scorer was Grant Fridley with 19 points and Columbia’s top scorer was Nic Horner with 13.

Following that game the Musketeers took on the Belleville Althoff Crusaders. The first quarter started with a lot of intensity from both teams. Bryce Amann put in the first basket of the night for both teams with a bucket from the post. However, the Crusaders hit a few 3-pointers in the quarter to get off to an early lead. The Musketeers were struggling to secure rebounds which led to second chance opportunities for the Crusaders. They led the Musketeers 18-9 at the end of the first.

The Musketeers had to step it up if they wanted to remain in the game. They continued to have trouble with the pressure the Crusaders were putting on them. Amann put in another layup in the quarter. The Musketeers were reeling towards the end of the quarter and needed a bucket to stay in the game. Kueker found Wiegard on a lob to the rim and he put it in for 2 at the end of the half. The Musketeers trailed 33-20.

Unfortunately, the Musketeers could not find a way back into this game. The Crusaders put in the first 3 baskets of the half to extend their lead ever further. The Musketeers continued battling hard for the rest of the half, even getting the deficit down to just 9 points. However, it would not be enough as the Musketeers would fall 55-32. Kueker finished with 11 and Amann finished with 9.

The following night the number one seeded Nashville Hornets took on Wesclin. Wesclin stayed in the game as long as they could in the first half. They trailed by 6 at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter, they tried to hold onto the ball as long as they could to keep Nashville from getting it back. They held the ball for 3 minutes straight without any dribbling, shooting, or passing. Eventually, Nashville forced them into a turnover and scored at the other end. In the second half, Nashville took the game away from the Warriors and won 49-25. Nashville’s leading scorer was Terry Pelczynski with 16 points and Wesclin’s leading scorer was Luke Serrano with 8.

The next night the Freeburg Midgets took on the Belleville Althoff Crusaders. Throughout the first half, the game was almost even. Both teams played extremely hard with a lot of energy. The Midgets led by 1 going into halftime. The Crusaders took the lead in going into the fourth quarter and played tough defense to not allow the Midgets to get to 40 points. The Crusaders won 42-37. Freeburg’s leading scorer was Jacob Blomenkamp with 14 points and Althoffs leading scorer was Will Ache with 13.

The regional championship was between the Althoff Crusaders and the Nashville Hornets. The Hornets were the prohibitive favorites and they did not disappoint. They played stellar defense all throughout the game, only allowing 27 for the whole contest. Their skill and energy overwhelmed the Crusaders and they won the regional championship 52-27. Nashville’s leading scorer was Carson Parker with 15 and Althoff’s leading scorer was Daulton Burgner with 10.