Musketeers Go 1-2 Through The Week


Gina Phegley

Jayden Birkner, Staff Writer

The first opponent of the week for the Musketeers was the New Athens Yellow Jackets. They had a better record than the Musketeers coming into the game, but it was a very winnable opportunity for a team who had been struggling to find wins.

The Musketeers started the game out slowly offensively. They missed some looks they should have made and had a few unforced errors. Luckily, the defense played a stellar quarter and only allowed 5 points. Alex Kueker had 6 of the teams 10 points in the quarter.

The Musketeers defense fell off in the second quarter. They gave up 2 3-pointers and fouled a lot which led to free throws for the Yellow Jackets. The offense was able to do enough to get it tied going into the break at 24. Max Simpson hit a mid range jumper for the Musketeers in the quarter and Carter Wiegard made 6 free throws.

The Musketeers displayed a lot more energy in the second half, which is what they had lacked in the first half. They began to force turnovers and get easy transition buckets. The game remained close as the fourth quarter started, but the Musketeers pulled away as they scored 19 in the final quarter. Wiegard finished with 17, Kueker had 16, and Jayden Birkner had 10. The Musketeers beat the conference foe 57-42.

The Musketeers travelled to Marissa to take on the Meteors. They knew it would be a tough matchup as the Meteors were 16-5. However, the Musketeers knew they could still compete.

The Musketeers played tight with the Meteors in the beginning of the first quarter. The score was 6-6 after 2 buckets from Birkner and 2 free throws from Wyatt Cowell. The Meteors then turned up the intensity on the Musketeers and forced them to turn the ball over which gave them easy layups on their end. The score was 15-8 heading into the second.

The Musketeers offense struggled mightily in the second quarter. Noah Malott and Kueker put in the only two buckets for the team. The Meteors continued to play with intensity and quickness that the Musketeers could not match. The Musketeers trailed 27-12 heading into the second half.

The Musketeers continued to play with a lot of effort in the second half, but they could not match the speed the Meteors had. The deficit remained around 15 throughout the rest of the game. Wiegard scored all 8 of his points in the half. The Musketeers lost the conference matchup 50-31.

The Musketeers final game of the week was against non-conference opponent Gibault Hawks. The Hawks had been struggling to find wins all year so the Musketeers were hoping for their second win of the week.

In the first quarter, the Musketeers struggled mightily to say the least. They only managed to score 2 points off of free throws from Wiegard. They were committing sloppy turnovers and missing point blank layups. Thankfully, their defense kept them in the game and only allowed 6 to the Hawks.

The Musketeers offense played much better in the second quarter. Wiegard put in 2 3-pointers and Kueker also hit one. They only allowed 9 in the quarter and went into halftime with an 18-15 lead.

The second half was a disaster for the Musketeers. They were not playing with the effort they should have been. They committed more turnovers and did not execute on offense. The game was close all the way through the half, but the defense could not get the crucial stops. The Musketeers trailed by 4 with a few seconds to go. Kueker was fouled on a three point attempt, but he could not put it in. He made 1 of the first 2. He intentionally missed the last one to try to get a tip out for the last shot, but the play was unsuccessful. The Hawks beat the Musketeers 44-41. Wiegard finished with 13 and Kueker finished with 12.

The Musketeers take on the Lebanon Greyhounds at home on Tuesday. JV starts at 6 with varsity to follow. On Friday, the Musketeers take on the Oregon Hawks. There is only a varsity matchup and it starts at 7.