Kobe Bryant: Memories of Greatness



Reece Candler, Staff Writer

After sitting and watching a replay of Kobe’s final game, I began to reminisce about everything Kobe Bryant represented. Although I am too young to remember Kobe’s full impact on the sport, I witnessed the end of his basketball career and the beginning of his next chapter. One of the first basketball memories I have of Kobe Bryant was watching him and the Lakers beat my Boston Celtics in the 2010 NBA Finals. Although my team came up short, I have to admit it was an exciting game!  In 2012 I remember watching Kobe and Team USA win the gold medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics. In a word, WOW! It was great seeing the American flag raised above the rest. Finally, watching Kobe drop sixty on the Jazz in his final game at the Staples Center was electrifying. Even though I never saw Kobe play when he was young, I am able to see many highlights of Kobe on Youtube, from winning championships with Shaq to scoring 81 against the Raptors. Kobe Bryant was a legend in the basketball world, he inspired countless players, children, and basketball enthusiasts. Kobe Bryant will be missed. Everyone in the basketball world loved Kobe and his contribution to the sport will forever remain.