Red Bud Lady Musketeers Win Consolation Championship @ Lebanon Tourney


Hannah Sievers, Staff Writer

Game 1

In the days following Christmas, the Red Bud Lady Musketeers competed in the Lebanon Tournament. For the first game, they faced off against Gateway Legacy and it was a rough game for the Musketeers. Throughout the whole first quarter, Red Bud only scored two points–both free throws made by Hannah Sievers. Gateway, on the other hand, put seventeen points on the scoreboard. 

Things improved slightly for the Musketeers in the second quarter of the game. They were able to add eight points to their score. Four of these were free throws shot by Meredith Whelan and Jessica Bievenue. The other four were a couple of two-pointers made by Claire Grohmann. Fifteen more points were scored by the girls from Gateway. The score was ten to thirty-two going into halftime with Gateway ahead. 

During the third quarter, Red Bud scored another eight points. Chloe Wild scored four of them with two-point shots; Reese Foster made both of her free throws for two points; and the final two points were free throws made by Bievenue and Madison Pensoneau. Gateway added twenty-two points. Going into the final quarter, the score was eighteen to fifty-four. 

In the fourth quarter, the ladies scored nine points. Grohmann and Sami Lucht each made a two-pointer. Foster, Sievers, and Whelan each made one of their two free throws. Olivia Carle added two points of her own to the score with free throws. Gateway only scored seven points during this quarter, but the final score was still twenty-seven to sixty-one. The loss put Red Bud into the consolation bracket.


Game 2

On December 27, Red Bud played against Steeleville. They came out to a slow start with only six points in the first quarter. Hannah Sievers, Meredith Whelan, and Sami Lucht each made a two-pointer. Although the Musketeers didn’t have a lot of points on the board, the ladies held Steeleville to only two points. 

During the second quarter, scoring increased a little bit. The Lady Musketeers added eleven points to their score. Olivia Carle had four points with a couple of two-point shots and Lucht had a two-pointer. Claire Grohmann had five points with a couple of two-pointers and one free throw. Again, Steeleville was only able to get two points. The score was seventeen to four going into halftime. 

Throughout the third quarter, Red Bud added twelve points to the scoreboard. Grohmann had half of those, all from two-pointers. The other six were a combination of Lucht, Sievers, and Chloe Wild making two-point shots. The Warriors managed to get six points, which made the score twenty-nine to ten going into the fourth quarter. 

In the final quarter, the girls scored ten more points. Sam Kolweier and Madison Pensoneau each made a two-pointer. The other six points were created by a few two-point shots made by Roz Surman. Steeleville also scored ten points, so the final score was thirty-nine to twenty with the Musketeers on top. This win advanced Red Bud to the next round of the tournament.


Game 3

The next day, the Lady Musketeers faced off against Wesclin. It was a close game and in the first quarter, Red Bud scored thirteen points.  Hannah Sievers put up six of those points with two-pointers. Claire Grohmann added another four with two-point shots. The remaining three were obtained in a three-point shot by Meredith Whelan. Wesclin was able to put fourteen points on the board, which made them up by one at the end of the quarter and the close game began. 

During the second quarter, the girls added sixteen points to their score. Sievers scored another six and Whelan added another four of her own. Amber Stengel hit a three and Olivia Carle made one of her two free throws. Grohmann scored two points also. Red Bud held Wesclin to eleven points during this quarter, which made the score twenty-nine to twenty-five going into halftime with Red Bud in the lead.

Each team scored ten points in the third quarter. Sievers and Grohmann each had a two-point shot go in. Chloe Wild added four points from two-pointers and Whelan made two of her four free throws. Red Bud was up by four going into the final quarter. 

The lead changed hands many times in the fourth quarter and a lot of free throws were shot. Wild and Sami Lucht scored a two-pointer a piece. Grohmann and Kassidy Ellner each made one of two free throws. Stengel went four for four from the line. Whelan went six for ten for her free throws. The team scored sixteen points throughout the quarter and Wesclin scored eighteen points. Red Bed held onto the game and won by two points, advancing to the Consolation Championship. 


Game 4

Because of the win against Wesclin, Red Bud advanced onto the Consolation Championship against Christ Our Rock Lutheran High School. In the first quarter, the Lady Musketeers scored nine points. Claire Grohmann had six of these points with two-pointers. The other three were scored by Olivia Carle with a two-point shot and a free throw. CORLHS also scored nine points in this quarter, proving that the ladies were going to have to fight for this win.

Red Bud stepped it up in the second quarter by scoring twelve points and holding their opponents to five points. Sami Lucht scored six points consisting of two-pointers. The other six were also two-point shots, but were contributed by Chloe Wild, Amber Stengel, and Carle. Red Bud was on top going into halftime with a score of twenty-one to fourteen. 

The third quarter was another tight one. Five girls scored from Red Bud to add thirteen points to the scoreboard. Hannah Sievers had four points with a couple of two-pointers. Lucht and Grohmann each had a two-point shot. Stengel made one of her free throws and Meredith Whelan made three of her five free throws. CORLHS also scored thirteen points, which made the score thirty-four to twenty-seven with Red Bud in the lead. 

In the fourth quarter, Red Bud added ten more points to their score. Carle scored a two-pointer and Whelan made two more free throws. Grohmann had three points consisting of a two-pointer and a free throw. Sievers made three of her four free throws. Christ Our Rock also scored ten points which means the final score was forty-four to thirty-seven, with RBHS winning the Consolation Championship.  In this tournament RBHS stepped up their free-throw game and improved on their stats.