FFA Brickyard Tour


Jake Siegfried, FFA Staff Writer

At the beginning of our first full day at the National Convention, we went to the Brickyard, the Brickyard is the track where the Indianapolis 500 is held. As soon as we got there, we were all amazed that we drove underneath the track to get to the museum, which is in the center of the track. Whenever we got to the museum, we got on a bus and we drove around the track and the tour guide gave us a detailed tour about how the track was built and the history behind the track. The track was originally made out of bricks, so that’s why it was originally called the Brickyard. When we were going around the track there was a 9 hole golf course inside the racetrack. The total distance of the track is 2.5 miles per lap in an oval. That means there is a lot of space in the center for different things and in the center, there is a museum and a golf course. When we got into the museum, all of the different kinds of cars that have been used on the track. When we went to the museum it was cool to see the evolution of different cars and motors that they have used to race. The Brickyard was very cool and I am very glad we took a tour of it while we were there.